The transition to emission-free mobility will become a global requirement. This challenge requires technical innovation, with topics such as autonomous driving also reshaping the industry. The industry must also consider increased safety and environmental legislation. In the Netherlands, both industry and universities are increasingly innovating in conjunction with car manufacturers, giving them a strong competitive edge. TBRM works closely with the industry, universities, and research institutions to continue contributing to the future.

High-tech industry

In the field of high-quality products and complex production techniques, the Netherlands is at the top of the world rankings. The high-tech industry plays an essential role in devising and realizing solutions to global societal challenges, in various industries such as Healthcare, Semiconductor, Metrology, etc. Dutch companies distinguish themselves mainly through their cooperation with universities, research institutions and suppliers. In this way, they tackle societal challenges with the use of technological applications. TBRM is also part of this network, and with our knowledge and experience, we enhance innovation.


In this rapidly changing world of medical applications and diagnostics, the need for innovative solutions is high. What does the future of healthcare look like? With an increasing demand for care around the patient, ongoing digital transformation, and high-end medical equipment, one way this is being shaped is with the Internet of Things. Dutch companies, including TBRM distinguish themselves mainly through their collaboration with universities, research institutions and suppliers. In this way, they are tackling societal challenges with the use of technological applications.

Aerospace & Defense

Quality, reliability, and safety are critical values for the aerospace industry. Development prospects in the aviation sector are promising over the next 20 years, the global fleet is expected to double and passenger traffic to grow by 150%. The aviation industry continuously searches for new techniques to save fuel and costs to comply with environmental regulations and to be profitable. On the one hand, the industry uses materials that improve strength and reduce density, and new manufacturing techniques or processes should reduce overall production costs. With TBRM's combination of in-house capabilities, we are flexible and able to think along to find the right materials and processes to realize a reduction in costs and contribute to a reliable and safe aviation industry.


The growing economy, innovations and global developments are promising and are driving the demand for the industrial sector. The Netherlands, with its collaborations between companies, research institutions, schools and suppliers stands out and contributes to the future of tomorrow. The strength, experience, and knowledge of TBRM is a necessity and proactively contributes to the innovative world.

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