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Marc Evers: former co-owner of KMWE starts TBRM Group – an incubator model where he wants to grow new ASML’s. It soon became apparent that engineering and manufacturing capabilities were greatly needed to support the startups. Marc acquired several companies with engineering, manufacturing, assembly and capacity capabilities. These companies now work for the startups as well as other customers

Talent factory, that's how Marc Evers calls his incubator for young technicians. The former owner and technical director of KMWE wants to grow new ASML 's here. The name of Marc Evers’ venture is The Bicycle Repair Man. His company, abbreviated TBRM group, invests both capital and knowledge in OEM start-ups.

This story starts in Marc Evers’ factory – best described as an organized mess. In one room there was a machine printing insoles for shoes. A little further down the hall - a cleanroom for assembly and to scan parts for contamination. Everywhere else you looked, you could find another interesting machine or material related to high-tech. A true Protoshop created by Marc Evers himself, from the contents and knowledge gathered by being a previous long-time co-owner and technical director of KMWE, Eindhoven’s high-tech supplier.

Now he is expanding his vision for high-tech in Eindhoven along with young technicians. Not only does Marc’s talent factory serve as an incubator for several start-ups, but it also includes and unites companies with expertise in Engineering, Manufacturing, Assembly and Secondment making it a one-stop-shop for all your product development needs. The Bicycle Repair Man means ‘fietsenmaker’. That is how Marc Evers always referred to himself. Head bicycle repair man, end responsible for technology.

How it all began

As a boy, Marc enjoyed tinkering with bicycles. He made a bicycle with a long fork, sidecars, and a front fork. He completed one technical study after another, yet in every company he has been involved in, he always remained the man on the shop floor. 'Technology is his joy and his life'.

Over the past few years, Marc has gathered +-120 technicians, to form the TBRM Group. These technicians work for the start-ups, his engineering-, manufacturing-, and secondment companies, conducting projects both for its own start-ups and for third parties such as ASML, VDL and DAF. He calls his club the talent factory. He will provide an opportunity for young people with ambition and an idea. Within TBRM, young technicians can learn quickly. However, the leaders of the start-ups must have the same mentality as Marc: headstrong, passionate and a ‘niet lullen maar poetsen’ mentality.

The generation of young men and women can quickly grow at TBRM. The philosophy: 'What is invented today can be tried tomorrow: we invent and build it. Product design, process design and machine design, all in one.’

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