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Talent factory, that's how Marc Evers calls his incubator for young technicians. The former owner and technical director of KMWE wants to grow new ASML 's here. The name of Marc Evers’ venture is The Bicycle Repair Man. His company, abbreviated TBRM group, invests both capital and knowledge in OEM start-ups.


TBRM is part of the TBRM Group.

We are a privately owned business with 65 professionals and its headquarters in Geldrop NL, operating 5 locations total in Europa and partners world-wide..


The transition to emission-free mobility will become a global requirement. This challenge requires technical innovation, with topics such as autonomous driving also reshaping the industry. The industry must also consider increased safety and environmental legislation. In the Netherlands, both industry and universities are increasingly innovating in conjunction with car manufacturers, giving them a strong competitive edge. TBRM works closely with the industry, universities, and research institutions to continue contributing to tomorrow's future.

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